Worn or broken components?
Check for movement. Check universal joints for wear. Check couplings and centre bearing for movement or play. Check CV joint for movement.
Tailshaft too long?
Call Us to review your vehicle setup. A 2 piece tailshaft may be required.
What is a conversion U-Joint?

Conversion U-Joints are used when you need different caps on each side of the U-Joint. For example, if your tailshaft is 1330 series but your rear end yoke is 1350 series. GJ Drivelines offers conversion U-Joints that have 1350 Series on two caps and 1330 Series.

When measuring a Conversion U-Joint, be sure to measure across the U-Joint in both directions (with the caps on and fully compressed) and measure all 4 cap diameters. Also note which sides our outside clip and which are inside. For more information on how to measure U-Joints give us a call.

Worn gearbox or transmission yoke?

Where the yoke runs in the extension housing, it may be worn and undersized, causing the shaft to vibrate.

Can I make my tailshaft stronger?

Yes. There are a few ways to make a tailshaft stronger.

  • Increase tubing diameter. Larger tube OD means a stronger tailshaft.
  • Increase tubing wall thickness.
  • Increase U-Joint size.
  • Switch from greasable to non-greasable U-Joints.
Tube bent?

Visually check the tailshaft is running straight in the vehicle.